About Us


Quintessentially, she is the 'homo universalis' or person of the world. At home in exquisite luxury and simple comforts alike, she is trained in the classics but versed in life. Looking at her, you would feel true grace and serene confidence, arising from a life well lived and a soul well exposed to all things finer.

She has resounding intelligence, steady eyes and an unaffected openness. She exudes a knowing air -an element of je ne sais quoi. Everything in her mannerism prides itself in the ordinary, but others know that nothing about her is quite so. She is born into a deep heritage of British aristocracy, with a socialite mother and a banker father, all shaping her life view of splendid sophistication, coupled with pure simplicity. Schooled in London, she partook in ballet and singing classes, fueling her love of The Opera very early. The remnants of Bach and Tchaikovsky, amid poetry readings and tea parties. Visions of her mother by her father's side, in breathtaking flowing gowns before their Gala dinner. These are the fragments of her early memories. A full life, one replete with enchanting experiences and so it starts right here...

She's intimately travelled the marked cities of the world. Familiar with the clamors of coffee cups, the chocolate confectionaries and the smells of pipes. Even the old pavement worn from years of history and the intensely personable impersonality of big cities. She embodies the affluent life in the sureness of her character, deepened by pages of literature and the openness of a mind, which has careful examined her surroundings. Her well read discourse is impeccably crafted, clearly refined through years of socially chic functions.

The grace of her character shines through her effortless multi-lingual communiqué, which so readily references the foreign, but of which is she clearly familiar. Her professionalism in all her daily activities conveys an integrity, which a concern with mere image, cannot lend itself to. The beauty of her, is that her soul is full, not because of her well-to-do experiences, but rather by a sensitivity to the plight in life and the possibilities that exist therein.

All grown up today, she walks into a ballroom. Arresting softness, the curves of her body, her long hair gracing her naked back, feline in the way that she moves, with a grace which carries her almost afloat. She's quiet, almost conservative- never jarring nor inappropriate. She is not seeking to make a statement she is a statement. Who is that? You wonder. And that exquisite dress. Made for the one who owns herself and by that- can simply command the room.

You see her at charity events, with a smile as big as her heart, a certain patience and openness that while mark her humility, only seek to elevate her to the status of a Queen, authoritative in the most generous way with no pretenses, soul to soul, laid bare. You will have no idea why but you'll just want to be in her orbit. Playful, unafraid and real. Ethereal and almost not from here.

She loves being woman and is not one to shy away from wearing the softest of dresses and high heels, for fear that it will prevent her kind action, as she caters to a stumbling child or to the help of elderly person in need. She is perhaps the best spokesperson not a woman, but for a human being. Appreciating her unique place in the unfolding of life, the bounty of spirit, the smile that makes it all better, the gentle touch that can make someone's day and the kind affirming word which necessarily and timely affirms, even the best of us.

She's so much more beautiful than other women not because of aesthetics, despite being always immaculately groomed and dressed, but because she is fully realized, true, unblocked, uncomplicated and mostly unafraid. Because she can look at you with the humility which shapes great character. And for that she is not defined by beauty, but rather defines beauty itself. She is more beautiful than other women because she knows the answer to her happiness- and that is to go out and do what she came on earth to do, without reservation, without traction. To live the ultimate embodiment of her principles and to have reached a maturity, in which all words, acts and behavior come together in a breathtaking unraveling. To know her is to know that you are in the presence of a gift.

Vivid Flair-She's more than a woman...